Monday, December 18, 2006


I loved this humour program. It was playing on Thursday at 7 o’clock. I loved this TV show because it represents the real life of youth. They lived through problems that I can live to about love, friends, family, and drugs. For example, Ryan, the main character, was a trouble teenage because he was involved in a stole car. After that, he went to live with the Cohens family in the rich community of Newport Beach. At this time, he met Marissa, her neighbour and he fell in love with her but she already has a lover. The O.C is a story of the relationship between a group about teens and their parents in the high-class society in Orange County.

Why should we watch this show?
First of all, this program is very good to learn English because the story is not really complicated but it’s very interesting. In spite of the fact that the characters speak fast, it’s interesting because it allows us to practice hearing and understanding natural conversation between some people. The characters aren’t only young, rich or cute like other American soaps. They are very funny and interesting. They are charming and we always want to know the continuation of their stories. The dialogues are often funny and ironic. There are some clichés but they are subtle and so amusing. In brief, I recommend this show to other students because it’s a good show to learn to speak English like a true Californian!

Monday, November 27, 2006

The O.C: The escape (episode 7)

I chose to be Marissa.
My vacation was almost finished. To take advantage of our last vacation, Summer, Seth, Ryan and I decided to leave Tijuana to party a last time before going back to school. But at that time, my relation with Ryan was not really good because I was shared between him and Luke, my boyfriend. During the trip, I squabbled with Ryan like Seth and Summer did and we had a car accident. I decided to stop in a seedy motel. I wanted to clarify things between Ryan and me. But at that time, I received a call from my father. He told me that he and my mother would get divorced. I was very upset and I decided to go to a club. But when I came into the club, I saw Luke dancing and kissing another girl. After that, I decided to drop him and I went out of the club. I was very sad and frustrated and I began drinking and taking some medicine to forget this bad situation. I can't tell what happened next because I fainted because of the substances I took.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The OC:episode 4

Ryan is becoming a member of the Cohen family when Kirsten and Sandy decided to take full, legal responsibility for him. At rehearsal for an upcoming Cotillion, Marissa proposed at Ryan to escort Anna, and Summer is regretfully partnered with Seth. When the dancing stops, the drinking began and all of the kids gathered for a pre-Cotillion fiesta on the beach. As in a previous episode, Seth and Ryan arrived to an unwelcoming crowd and problems arrived when Luke saw Marissa and Ryan together, but Ryan resisted the desire to fight. Meanwhile, Sandy is approached by the SEC who explained that Jimmy is the subject of a fraud investigation and Kirsten's $100,000 loan to him has placed the Cohen family in the spotlight as well. At the Cotillion, Sandy's, Jimmy's, and Ryan's tempers are all put to the test.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The OC: Introduction

For this session I chose to watch an American programme, The OC. I chose this programme because it's about young adults who live the same events that I can live. But I especially chose this programme because I hope to learn English and the Californian accent.

The OC is a story of the relationships between a group of teens and their parents in the high-class society of Newport Beach in Southern California. This first episode is about the arrival of Ryan Atwood in Newport Beach. This boy is a troubled teenage' from the wrong side of the tracks in Los Angeles who finds himself after he’s thrown out of his own house. He finds a place to stay in the home of the Cohens family in the community of Newport Beach. Ryan is accepted by Sandy Cohen, a lawyer who represented him in the past because he stole a car with his brother. But Sandy’s wife, Kirsten who is aware of Ryan’s criminal history is wary of this new house guest. The Cohen’s son, Seth shows the ropes of the community to Ryan. Ryan meets Marissa Cooper, a girl who lives down the street and has problems with her distant father Jimmy, and with alcohol. Also, Marissa’s best friend, Summer, doesn’t know about the crush that Seth has on her.